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Performance MiND

Sport psychology services to enhance psychological wellbeing and achieve optimal performance. (more…)

Healthy MiND

Psychological wellbeing services to enhance mental health, maximise psychological wellbeing and develop resiliency. (more…)

MiND Training & Development

Training services for professionals and sport organisations seeking to develop skills in high performance for the elite sport environment. (more…)



MiND HQ provides dynamic sport psychology services, equipping individuals and teams with the knowledge and skills required to achieve peak performance on and off the sporting field.


MiND HQ is based in Australia and was established to offer holistic and innovative psychology services for elite sport. MiND HQ has a comprehensive, and evidence based approach, embracing the development of psychological wellbeing alongside the psychological ability to perform.


MiND HQ has worked at the highest level of elite Olympic and professional sports internationally. With dual expertise in mental health and sport psychology, MiND HQ has assisted individuals, teams, and organisations to achieve success in sport, work and life. 


MiND HQ’s mission is to empower the champion within. The team at MiND HQ is committed to providing services to increase awareness of psychological functioning, facilitate change, and develop the ability to thrive under pressure.


The Cycling Mind

The top of the podium is reserved for those athletes who train their bodies and minds to perform at their very best. The Cycling Mind is an expert guide to developing the elite mindset needed for peak performance – both on and off the bike.  

Bloomsbury Publishing


MiND HQ is based in Australia and is currently not available for work opportunities. 












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