Corporate MiND

Sport psychology services for the workplace to develop resiliency and achieve optimum performance.

Corporate Services

Corporate services are designed to strengthen the psychological wellbeing of employees and foster a healthy workplace.

Employee Well-Being Services

Counselling services for employees to assist with the effective management of workplace issues, develop resiliency and enhance workplace performance.

Mental Health Promotion

Education and resource development to assist to identify and effectively manage mental health issues in the workplace.

Critical Incident Management

Psychological services for the management of critical incidents in the workplace, including the development of policy and procedures and the facilitation of process in the event of a critical incident.

Corporate Programs

Corporate programs are designed to develop new psychological skills and achieve performance success in the workplace.

Executive Coaching

Performance coaching for individual’s to identify areas for development, facilitate change, and maximise the ability to perform in all areas of your life.

High Performance MiND

Psychological skills for optimum performance in the workplace.

High Performance Culture

Developing & maintaining a high performance culture in the workplace.

Resilient MiND

Coping effectively with workplace stress and pressure, and building resiliency.

High Performance MiND & Body

Learn the latest psychological and physical strategies for optimum performance from Australia’s leading sports practitioners in physiology & psychology.

This innovative program is specifically designed to meet the needs of your workplace, and delivered jointly by a Sport Physiologist, and Sport Psychologist. The program is designed to maximise staff potential by developing a high performance mind and body.

Sleep HQ

Learn how to gain healthy sleeping patterns and maximise psychological well-being in a program designed by Australia’s leading sports practitioners in recovery physiology & psychology.

Sleep HQ takes the strategies from the elite sporting field to the corporate arena to provide all you need to know about improving your sleep with easy to follow advice and resources.

Corporate programs are tailored to meet the needs of the organisation, with practical mind and body strategies aimed to enhance general wellbeing and assist in gaining a peaceful night’s sleep.