MiND Research & Innovation

MiND HQ is committed to contributing to the evidence base of sport psychology by facilitating research projects, and developing new initiatives for elite sport. 

Research HQ

MiND HQ is developing a research portfolio to extend the sport psychology research available in Australian elite performers.

Completed Research Projects

A range of research has been completed on elite performers, and details of competed projects can be found at WORK

Peak Performance in Australian Elite Athletes

Pain Assessment and Coping Styles In Dancers

Psychological Recovery

Homesickness in Development Athletes

Attachment, Well-being and Help Seeking in Adolescents

Current Research Projects

MiND HQ is currently investigating a range of areas including automaticity as the optimal psychological state to perform, psychological recovery, and mental health screening.

Project 1: Questionnaire Development: A questionnaire is being developed to measure the automatic state of peak performance.

Project 2: Investigating Automaticity: Investigating the key psychological factors that contribute to achieving automaticity in competition.

Project 3: A pilot mental health screening program with elite athletes.


MiND HQ is committed to developing innovative projects and resources provide new tools for elite athletes and teams.

Project Implementation

Projects targeting identified areas of psychological development for your team or organisation can be developed. Evidence based practice is used, and improvement over time is monitored.

Resources are developed for ongoing use within your organization or team to contribute to sustained change.

Resource Development  

Athletes are provided with relevant and evidence based resources and information following consultations or team projects to encourage sustained change.

Practical resources are in development to encourage athletes to implement psychological strategies in competition.

iPhone app: Relaxation HQ

We have recently released an iphone app Relaxation HQ.

The app provides with all the information and resources to train you in using relaxation for sport performance and psychological recovery in competition.

Read more about Relaxation HQ

Using Technology In Sport Psychology

New ways of utilising technology in the provision of sport psychology strategies is underway.