MiND Training & Development

Training services for professionals and sport organisations seeking to develop skills in high performance for the elite sport environment.

Training Services for Sport Organisations

Training services are designed to assist organisations in the effective management of athletes and in developing and sustaining a high performance environment.

High Performance Culture

How to develop & maintain a high performance culture in your organisation

Getting The Best From Your Athletes

Discover effective ways to support, manage and empower athletes in your team or organisation.

Effective Mentoring

Learn how to effectively develop & implement athlete mentoring programs.

Understanding Mental Health Issues

Strategies for athletes and coaches to effectively identify and manage mental health issues.

Athlete Behaviour Management

Managing athlete behaviour while supporting mental health.

Critical Incidents

Learn how to effectively coordinate critical incident management in your organisation.

Psychology Training Services

A range of training services are available to individuals, teams and organisation across the areas of counselling, mental health and sport psychology. 

Professional Skills Training

Counselling skills training for practitioners who are engaged in roles supporting athletes within organisation.
Training in the effective management of athlete emotional health and behavior for practitioners and organisation.

Professional Supervision

Professional supervision is available for psychology graduates, and psychologist seeking endorsement in sport psychology in Australia.