Performance MiND

Sport psychology services to enhance psychological wellbeing and achieve optimal performance.

Services for Individuals

Performance MiND offers individual consultations for athletes and coaches, from development to the elite level.

Consultations for Athletes and Coaches 

Assessment & intervention plans are tailored to the requirements of the individual, and target the specific psychological factors required to thrive under pressure.

Individual Development Programs

Psychological development programs are available for athletes seeking to proactively develop the psychological skills required to perform. Programs are offered as individual consultations or group programs. You can read about our current programs at WORK  

Pro Tour Support

Psychological support program for professional athletes travelling internationally, to facilitate peak performance while on tour.

Services for Teams

Performance MiND offers a range of services to enhance team functioning and performance.

Team HQ 

Team development plans are designed according to the specific needs of the sport team or organisation, focused on holistic psychological development of all members of the team.

Psychological Profiling

Increasing athlete and coach awareness of psychological functioning.

High Performance MiND

Psychological skills for optimum performance.

Well Being HQ

Enhanced mental health & psychological wellbeing for athletes providing mental health screening and education.

Resilient MiND

Developing psychological skills to effectively manage the stress and pressures of the elite sport environment.

Team Culture Review

Developing the team to facilitate a high performance culture.

Leader’s MiND

Leadership development for all team members to create a culture of accountability, resilience and high performance. 

Recovery for the MiND & Body

Recovery program jointly delivered by sports psychologist & physiologist targeting psychological and physical recovery strategies for competition.

Sport Organisation Services

Performance MiND provides services to contribute to the efficient operations of sport organisations.

Athlete MiND

Establishment and coordination of athlete welfare management processes.

Education and intervention programs designed to identify, educate and effectively manage athlete mental health issues.

Coach MiND

Coach professional support and personal development.

Training in effective athlete management.

Psychological strategies for the coach to facilitate peak performance.

Organisation Services

Policy and procedure development on athlete welfare and behaviour management.

Critical incident management services, including the development of policy and procedures in the event of a critical incident.