Healthy MiND

Psychological wellbeing services to enhance mental health, maximise psychological wellbeing and develop resiliency.

Services for Individuals

Healthy MiND provides individual consultations to improve mental health and psychological well-being. 

Mental Health Assessment & Treatment

Individual assessment and treatment services are tailored to the requirements of the individual to assist in the effective management of mental heath issues.

Counselling Services

Counselling services are available to assist with personal difficulties and encourage the development of strategies to effectively manage a range of psychological issues.

Individual Development Programs

Healthy MiND offers individual programs to assist in the effective management of specific mental issues.

Programs are delivered over 6 sessions.

Managing Your Mood 

Understand and learn ways to manage low mood     

Overcoming Anxiety

Learn how to effectively conquer anxiety

Building a Healthy Body Image

Develop a healthy and realistic body image

Developing Self Confidence

Build a strong sense of confidence in who you are and what you can achieve

Resilient MiND

Enhance your capacity to cope effectively with stress and thrive under pressure

Group Programs

Group programs to enhance psychological wellbeing and facilitate skill development will be available though out the year.

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