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Relaxation techniques play a powerful role in assisting athletes to achieve the optimal psychological state for peak performance.

Relaxation exercises will enable you to regain physical and psychological control in moments of high anxiety. Different exercises can be utilised for a variety of benefits aimed at enhanced performance and psychological recovery during competition.

Relaxation HQ was developed to provide you with all the information and tools to utilise when rapid relaxation is required.

Relaxation HQ was designed for athletes, performers, and high achievers who are required to manage stress and tolerate anxiety to perform under pressure.

Relaxation HQ provides:

  • All the information you need to understand & effectively manage stress
  • A checklist to identity your signs of stress
  • A personalised relaxation plan
  • The ability to monitor your relaxation response
  • Four relaxation audio tracks and information to train you in relaxation skills

Relaxation HQ will enable you to take control and effectively manage stress by building skills to relax your body, calm your mind, and thrive under pressure.

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